How Can I Give My Teeth a Spring Cleaning?

March 28, 2022

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It’s that time of year for a nice spring cleaning! Whether you decide to clear out the closet or pick up any clutter, you simply want to feel like you can start the year off fresh and clean. But what about your oral hygiene? Listen to your dentist in Columbia as they suggest a few tips for tidying up your dental routine and improving your smile!

Tip #1: Clean Your Toothbrush Container

While you aren’t brushing your teeth, your toothbrush holder most likely rests on the sink counter. This allows for the container to remain exposed to all the same bacteria and germs as the other bathroom surfaces. To prevent spreading anything to your toothbrush and mouth, the best thing you can do is wash once or twice a week. By wiping it down with disinfectant or running it through the dishwasher, you can ensure your toothbrush has a thoroughly clean place to be stored.

Tip #2: Update Your Toothbrush

You’ll typically want to replace your brush with a new one every three to four months. This is to be sure you scrub away particles and plaque as effectively as possible, especially since the bristles can become worn down over time. However, you might want to consider using softer-bristles to avoid damaging your enamel and gums. Additionally, a powered or electric toothbrush can up the cleaning power with the extra torque and vibrations!

Tip #3: Schedule a Dental Appointment

Seeing your dentist is a great way to start your smile off right for the year. They can clear away tartar and polish your pearly whites, so you leave the office fresh and clean. They’ll also examine your oral health to detect and treat dental issues that might be growing.

Tip #4: Try Teeth Whitening Options

During your dental appointment, you can ask if your dentist provides teeth whitening treatments. Having a brighter smile now can help you look fresh and feel confident at the start of the year! While OTC whitening kits might be helpful, your dentist will always provide the safer professional-grade products for your pearly whites.

Now is the month for renewal, and you can certainly add your teeth to the list of items for a spring cleaning. Consult your dentist if you want to know how else you can tidy up your dental health, and they’ll be glad to show you your options!

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Dr. Elizabeth Abe is passionate about providing excellent and comprehensive dental services. She earned her dental degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She regularly pursues continuing education to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and dental practices. She offers a wide range of treatments to maintain or improve your healthy smile, including dental checkups, cleanings, and teeth whitening. If you want to give your teeth a spring cleaning, visit her website or call 573-875-7071.

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