What Diet Trends Can Be Harmful to My Oral Health?

January 24, 2022

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Have you set health goals and tried to figure out how you are going to achieve them? Diet trends are the method of choice for many people. When executed properly, they can be helpful, but they also pose a risk to your oral health. If you are just trying to lose weight or want to be healthier in general, fad diets may not be the best course of action. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Columbia about some diet trends you should be especially careful of attempting regarding the health of your teeth and gums.

Juice Cleanses

They may seem to make a lot of sense, but juice cleanses aren’t particularly good for your teeth. Since fruits and vegetables are good for you, it seems logical their juice is also healthy, right? When you are only drinking the juices of these items, you are missing a lot of the nutrients and fiber your body needs to keep your hair, nails, and skin in great shape. Prolonged participation in juice cleanses could lead to:

  • Cavities: Bacteria in your mouth feed off both artificial and natural sugars. Since you are consuming so much sugar when you drink juice, you are more likely to get cavities.
  • Stability loss: When you have a low-calorie diet, it affects your insulin levels. If you are doing a juice cleanse for a long time, you could develop issues related to your natural collagen, which is important since it holds your teeth in place.
  • Enamel damage: Just like soda, juice contains a lot of sugar and acid. These both cause enamel erosion over time and leave you with weakened and discolored teeth.

Raw Foods

A raw food diet can provide you with the nutrients you need without having to concern yourself with the unhealthy preservatives in processed foods. That doesn’t mean you are completely free from harm, however. Fruits contain natural sugar that can cause tooth decay, plus some fruits are acidic to weaken your enamel.

Nuts and seeds can become lodged between your teeth and cause bacterial growth. It’s important to choose raw foods that will benefit your oral health, such as almonds, carrots, and apples.

Smaller Meals

As opposed to having three meals each day, some people adopt a fad diet where they have 6-8 small meals. They go heavy on fruits and veggies to consume less fat and healthier carbs. While this approach can have a variety of benefits for your overall health, it also puts your teeth at risk.

Your enamel is especially vulnerable for up to an hour after you eat. Thus, the more frequently you have snacks or meals, the more likely you are to have dental issues.

When you are considering a new diet, be sure to think about how it might affect your oral health. If you stick to healthy foods, maintain a great oral health regimen, and visit your dentist in Columbia for regular cleanings and exams, you will be able to maintain a healthy smile as you get the dieting results you seek!

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Dr. Philip Batson earned his dental doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Abe, value continuing a family tradition of providing quality oral healthcare for the citizens of Central Missouri which began 40 years ago with his father. Dr. Batson is a member of the American Dental Association. Your dentist in Columbia encourages you to ask questions about these or any other diet trends you might be considering during your next dental cleaning and exam, which you can schedule on their website or by calling (573) 875-7071.

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