Your Dentist in Columbia Lists 4 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance

October 17, 2018

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dental insurance form glasses penThe year is almost over, and you’re working hard to finish it on a positive note. Your dentist in Columbia says one way to contribute to that is to visit for a preventive care appointment before the year ends. It’s recommended by the American Dental Association that your dentist sees you semi-annually for cleanings and checkups for a healthier mouth, teeth and gums, but preventive care visits also allow you to maximize your dental insurance. Read on to learn 4 reasons why these appointments are vital!

Reason #1 – Yearly Maximum

One reason to not miss out on an end-of-the-year visit is that your dental insurance has a yearly maximum, which only 2.8% of insured people take advantage of. Since dental insurance benefits renew at the beginning of each year, if your plan maximum isn’t reached over the previous twelve-month period, then the benefits are lost.

Reason #2 – Premiums

Another reason why a preventive care visit before the year ends is important, is that you are paying dental insurance premiums every month. If you’re not taking advantage of these visits, along with money, you’ll also lose the following:

  • The chance to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned
  • An opportunity to meet with your dentist and discuss your dental health
  • A tediously conducted check-up that will identify any developing issues

Reason #3 – Fee Increases

Using your dental health benefits before the end of the year is also vital because there could fee increases the next year. That’s because your dentist may have to raise rates at the beginning of the year to accommodate the higher costs of living, materials and equipment. This may also have an effect on your copay. Thus, it’s best to take advantage of the coverage you have and your dentist’s current rates.

Reason #4 – It’s Prevention

The word ‘prevention’ says it all. The main reason for visiting your dentist every six months is to prevent big problems from emerging. For example, a cavity can develop for years before you recognize any symptoms of its presence, which will normally be some type of pain sensation. When you visit your dentist on a regular basis, though, that cavity can be identified in its fledgling stages and treated.

When you take advantage of the chance to see your dentist before the year ends, you are taking a proactive step in the right direction and creating a healthy new habit that you can carry into the new year.

So reach out today to schedule an end-of-the-year visit!

About the Author

Dr. Philip Batson earned his dental degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry and has since remained passionate about upholding the high standards set by his father. To aid in his quest to provide the best dental care to his patients, he is affiliated with several professional organizations, including the Academy of General Dentistry and the Missouri Dental Association. Dr. Batson practices at Healthy Smiles Columbia, and he can be reached for more information through his website.


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