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Oral Cancer Screenings for Columbia, Missouri

The threat of oral cancer may not be as widely discussed in the dental office as periodontal disease and cavities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not destructive or even deadly. In fact, it’s estimated that one person dies from oral cancer every hour. Even worse is the fact that while there are risk factors involved (heavy smoking, drinking, tobacco use, etc), a full 25% of those diagnosed were found to exhibit none of them. That’s why Dr. Philip Batson and his team here in Columbia, MO will do everything in their power to locate and diagnose oral cancer as soon as possible. Your safety is a top priority for us!

Common signs of oral cancer are:

However, self-diagnosis is definitely not foolproof. That’s why it’s crucial for adults to undergo an oral cancer screening as part of their regular check-ups. Dr. Batson will thoroughly review your oral tissues for these tell-tale symptoms and any other indications of potentially cancerous cells. If our team does find an area that’s suspicious, we can help you take the next steps towards having a biopsy performed and getting your concrete diagnosis. Oral cancer actually can be treated successfully in many cases as long as it’s caught early enough. Please contact Columbia Healthy Smiles today to schedule an appointment!